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Founded in 1969

Medlin’s Metal Roofing

Medlin’s Metal Roofing is the metal roofing industry leader in South Arkansas and Northeast Louisiana. Established in 1969 by Bubba Medlin, Medlin’s was founded on the principle of treating every customer with courtesy, honesty and respect, while providing top of the line materials at competitive low prices.


At Medlin’s, we deal directly with homeowners and contractors in the manufacture and sale of metal roofing. We also offer a complete line of accessories such as fiberglass and styrofoam insulation, screws, roof jacks, purlins, closure strips, and storage, walk-thru and roll-up doors.


Medlin’s Metal Roofing MFG has become the #1 choice for metal roofing and accessories because we have available inventory, on-time delivery, competitive prices, quality products, rapid response, and exceptional customer service at eight locations.


Call us today and discover for yourself why others enjoy doing business with our company.

Milas "Bubba" Medlin

The founder Milas “Bubba” Medlin was born on September 2, 1944, in Vivian, Louisiana. He grew up in Marion, La., where he went to school and worked at his father’s hardware store in the afternoons. After graduating high school, he attended college at Northeast Center of Louisiana State University. While in college he worked part time at Sears Roebuck.

In 1969 Bubba moved to Strong, Arkansas where he purchased a hardware store, which was formerly Medlin’s Hardware and Lumber, now presently known as Medlin’s Metal Roofing. Medlin’s started out as a local hardware and building material store, but as the years went by, he slowly transitioned into manufacturing and installing metal carports. In the year 1999, he purchased a metal rollformer, where he started manufacturing sheet metal for both residential and commercial purposes. Over the years Medlin’s has branched off into eight locations serving the Southern Arkansas and Northern Louisiana regions.

Bubba founded Medlin’s with the principle of treating every customer with courtesy, honesty, and respect, while providing top of the line materials at competitive low prices. Bubba passed away in December of 2019, we at Medlin’s still honor those principles today and strive to continue serving each one of our customers with pride and are privileged to be able to continue his legacy.